Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Still here!

Hi world.

I'm still here.

Just have a lot of stuff on my plate right now. Wondering how other busy moms find the time to write on their blogs.

I was in a time crunch to finish a bunch of stuff for a baby shower a couple of weeks ago. Got everything done by the night before... a crocheted afghan and a bunch of cute little beaded socks.

Busily planning a joint birthday party for Cecilia (just turned 8) and Nicholas (turning 6 in a couple of weeks). It's the first birthday party I've planned in 10 years, as the kids usually choose to do other stuff for their birthdays... we always give them the option - "You can have a birthday party, or you can _______." Fill in that blank with "go to Chuck E Cheese, go horseback riding, go minigolfing, go out to dinner, etc." and the kids for the most part pick to do something other than have a party. So, I've been planning for this party for the last month. Rented a bounce house. Bought decorations. Cleaned up the back yard as it gets neglected over the winter months. And now? a 70% chance of rain on Saturday. Heaven help me, I'm going to have to host this thing inside and plan party games for a bunch of Kindergarteners and 2nd graders.

I have a bunch more projects to work on after this weekend. I am NOT letting myself start anything else until this is done with. I need to make at least two more baby afghans, and finish up my 12 preemie hats challenge from last year... I petered out half way through that.

I don't really want to even look at my 2009 Goal List. I have a feeling I failed miserably on it.

Until later....


Claire said...

Petered out, I forgot that phrase.. and now I WILL use it all day!!!
I have NO idea how these huge bloggers with little kids do it, I work on things for ever before they get posted!!! I very rarely get to sit, write & hit post all in one session!!!

Jayme said...

Sometimes when I have time and inspiration, I write several posts and don't publish them and save them for busy days :)

Eagle Star Academy said...

I understand how hard it is to keep up with the blog. I have the same problem! I am sure the party is going to be a blast! Have fun. I am still trying to finish the blanket I started before Jacey was born....I am hoping to finish it by her first birthday next month.

Gloria P. said...

Hello Miss Sadie:

Wow how time flies! I have been busy working, writing, and some crochet but not as much as I would like. I hope you show your baby afghans when your finish them.

And I see you have been busy, well you got 5 kids how would you not be busy.

Take care

Clara said...

I tend to start posts and write on them whenever I get a chance, and then when they are done, I schedule them to post. I try to have some regular things I post that I find along the way, like poems or photos or hymns/songs I like the words of, and by posting them, it keeps readers interested (I hope!!!!!) and helps me put all the fun/interesting things in one place for reference/enjoyment - on my blog! After the kids are in bed and I'm taking time out in the evening is when I'll sit down and do the longer posts - and again, I work on them until they're done and then schedule them - I rarely write a post and publish it immediately!

Thanks for the comment on my blog regarding the instrument - very interesting!! :)