Thursday, May 28, 2009

I will post again!

Two more weeks until school is OVER. I'm hanging in there.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Undy 500!

FlipFlopFleet is trying to collect 500 pairs of new or gently used underwear and bras to donate to the poorest of the poor. FlipFlopFleet originally started collecting flip-flops so that "no parent would ever have to choose between buying food or buying shoes for their children". The items are taken by missionaries traveling to poor-developing countries like Haiti and Ethiopia.

The intent of the Undy 500 is for everyone to clean out their drawers and promise to donate the stuff that we just don't use (that bra that fits funny, or those chonies that always ride up)- or to buy stuff on clearance or from thrift stores (99c store and Dollar stores also often have cheap undergarments). You don't have to mail them anywhere yet, as there is no central collection place since that would mean that shipping ends up getting paid twice on the items (from you to Dawn to whomever is traveling to a place in need). You just hold on to them until it's time to ship them to someone who is planning a trip and promises to distribute them (usually through an orphanage or something along those lines). All sizes are needed, in children's, men's, and women's sizes.

Check out for more information!

Two for one special!

I had planned to start working on my research paper for my English class today. It's due in 3 weeks... 10-12 pages. So what happens? First, Sabrina got a migraine last night and threw up shortly after dinner, so I let her stay home today. Then, not a half hour after Cecilia went to school, I got a phone call that she had an ear ache. I picked her up and visited the Dr's office (my third trip there this week) and sure enough, she's starting up an ear infection. We picked up her antibiotics already, but my day totally got shot. Hopefully I will get some uninterrupted and distraction free time to work on it this next week, considering it is 50% of the grade for that class!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Enjoying the sunshine at a park...





Friday, May 15, 2009

I shall catch up... some day!

Wow, I have really fallen off the blogging wagon! I do have some pictures to post.

Monday, we harvested our first cucumber. What fun it is to start seeing our garden produce!

Tuesday, Hubby and I had a wonderful day at the amusement park. The weather was perfect, the lines were practically non-existant, and we rode every roller coaster. We actually rode one of them three times! We ate at a 50's themed diner, watched two of the shows, and just got to spend the day holding hands and cuddling and enjoying our day together!

Wednesday, I took my Dad and Sierra to the vet for her vaccinations and to have one of her ears flushed out. I must be a darn good daughter to stand there and help the vet with these procedures on his dobermans when I am allergic and get to break out in hives afterwards!

Thursday, I spent the day just doing housework. I am happy to report that Mount Everest has been demolished, except for a pile of linens that needs to be tackled... but it's all "excess" stuff, so I'm in no rush on that end. All of our closets and drawers are neatly reorganized, and cleaned out.

Friday, today, I had class in the morning. Today was our 2nd session delving into The Stranger. I may be in the minority, but I didn't really care for the book. Actually, as I clarified to the professor, it's not necessarily the book but the protagonist that I don't really like. I also have a problem with the whole idea of symbolism in some cases and reading into things that perhaps the author didn't really mean. I mean, sometimes a book is just a book or a chair is just a chair, and looking for hidden meanings... well, that's just not me.
I ended the day by taking the littles to a Science Fridays event at a local educational store. Today's theme was balance and center of gravity, so the kids looked at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the way a T-Rex's tail helped him balance, and did experiments. The experiments included balancing toothpicks on each other (with the aid of a pipe cleaner), balancing toothpicks and forks on a salt shaker, balancing 6 nails on the head of one nail (once shown the trick, Abigail got up to 13 nails balanced on one nail head), hanging a hammer from ruler to make the ruler balance at different angles off the edge of the table, and picking up a stool underneath themselves while pressing their head into the wall. The event is put on by the store owner and one of the employees. The kids had a great time, and are looking forward to next week. (I also let them each pick out a small item after the event... Sabrina got a colonial girl paper doll, Abigail got a horse-themed sticker book, Cecilia got a Prairie girl sticker doll, and Niko got a sheet of planet stickers.)


Science Fridays.







Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Pictures from the amusement park... Lots of us being cuddly while waiting in lines, one of hubby teasing Abigail by showing her a HORSE roller coaster seat, and a picture showing how empty the lines were!






Monday, May 11, 2009


I was playing around with tying balloon things for the kids. Here they are showing off some of the creations that I made that day.


Our first cucumber of the season!


Menu Plan, ramblings, etc.

I think I am on week two now of a head cold/allergies that just won't get better. It makes it feel as though I am operating in a heavy fog, makes it hard to concentrate on things or have a coherent thought. I know I have been slacking on my blog.
Friday, I had my english class but it was only about an hour and a half long because the professor had a dentist appointment to get to. I got my grade from the midterm (A-) and he's now decided that we're not going to have an actual written final, but that our research paper will now be worth 50% of the grade instead of 40%. We also have one more in-class essay to write. Hopefully I will maintain my current grade. In other news, my accounting class is continuing to go so-so. I do well on the homework and quizzes but have bombed both of the midterms. I have a C in the class, so I am hoping that I do okay on the final and the research project and manage to pass the class.
Saturday... what did we do Saturday? There was a trip to get an oil change on hubby's car (mystery shop), and we also took his car to the dealer (for some rattling noise).
Sunday, Mother's Day... I got to stay in bed until 10:30am. Hubby made me french toast with sliced strawberries, bought me sushi for lunch, and vegetarian for dinner. I like not having to cook every meal! He also bought me a bouquet of mixed flowers, and the littles all made me handmade cards. Then hubby built the first of my two raised beds for my garden, and we spent some time weeding and mowing the area where the beds are going to be. Hopefully that will all get finished by this coming weekend.

A rough menu plan for this week:

~Snapper with sauteed mushrooms and zucchini, salad. (Fish sticks, cheddar-broccoli rice, and peas for the kids)

~Carne asada with homemade salsa, steamed broccoli, salad. Add refried beans for the kids.

~Chile rellenos (stuffed with turkey sausage, jalapenos, red onions, garlic, and cheddar cheese). (note to self: buy cheese)

~Round steak with cauliflower "mashed potatoes", salad. Tater tots and green beans for the kids.

Not sure what else... I have enough of the carne asada and round steak to make two meals out of each of them actually, but I also bought corn dogs and "Tuna Helper" for the kids. I am not sure if I am going to be cooking tomorrow night or not, as hubby as taking me to an amusement park (without kids) for my Mother's Day present... I am sooooo looking forward to getting to enjoy all of the roller coasters that I haven't been able to go on (since it seemed as though every time we went to an amusement park I was pregnant in the last 11 years or so!) and to not have to push a stroller or keep track of half a dozen kids or listen to whining about how hungry/tired/thirsty they are or how much they are in need of a bathroom break. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids with all of my heart... but I do miss just having F U N!

In other news, I ended up not making a preemie hat in April. I'm already ahead in numbers because of the extra hats I made earlier, but I didn't really get much done on the crocheting front at all this past month. I need to take a look at my goal list and see what else I neeed to tackle as well.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


My drapes finally arrived! They were a bit delayed because the company was out of stock and had to make these just for me.

Here's the hubby measuring everything out and getting ready to hang the drapes:
Getting ready to hang the curtains
You can see the plastic curtain we had hanging up outside to try to cut down on the glare.

Almost done getting them up (yes, we hung them a bit high off the floor because we're going to be putting carpet back in, in the next year or so):
almost done

The completed drapes in the evening... that huge piece of wood laying on the floor is the scalloped wood valance that will be mounted up above them. My great-grandmother had it custom made for the window back in the 50's.
the completed drapes at night

And a close-up of the pattern:
Close-up of the pattern

Now that they have been hanging all day, all of the creases from packing have been pulled out by the weight of the drapes. I'm going to have to buy table lamps now because the room is so dark, but it is making such a huge difference in the heat factor in this room.

The drapes are handmade right here in America. If you're interested in buying drapes from this company, you can check them out at Factory Bargain Drapes. They're a family owned company that has been around for almost 60 years and have lots of sizes and styles to choose from. They even sent the drapes with all of the hooks in the panels so they were very easy to put up!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I know, I know... I'm not keeping up too well with the whole Picture Every Day thing, but sometimes there's just really not anything to take pictures of. I've been spending a lot of the last week working on cleaning out the closets and trying to stay on top of all of the chores, so there's not much "fun stuff" or anything even interesting to take pictures of!

Niko wanted a picture with this firetruck on our way in to the grocery store on Monday.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Menu Planning "Monday" - May 4th, 2009

Still working on our diet... it's week 3 now. I've lost 8 lbs.

This week's dinners:

~ Tom yum - spicy hot and sour thai soup with shrimp and button mushrooms, shrimp ramen with shrimp for the kids with green beans (does this qualify as a not me monday post? I most certainly did NOT feed my children ramen for dinner!)

~ Larb (with rice and carrots for the kids)

~ Scallop stir fry with bay scallops, asparagus, broccoli, mushrooms, green onions, pea pods, etc. Fish sticks, broccoli, and pasta for the kids.

~ Cornish game hens with mushrooms. Corn dogs and tater tots with boiled carrots for the kids.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


There's nothing quite like a teenager voluntarily mopping the floor...


120/365- Open House!