Thursday, May 21, 2009

Two for one special!

I had planned to start working on my research paper for my English class today. It's due in 3 weeks... 10-12 pages. So what happens? First, Sabrina got a migraine last night and threw up shortly after dinner, so I let her stay home today. Then, not a half hour after Cecilia went to school, I got a phone call that she had an ear ache. I picked her up and visited the Dr's office (my third trip there this week) and sure enough, she's starting up an ear infection. We picked up her antibiotics already, but my day totally got shot. Hopefully I will get some uninterrupted and distraction free time to work on it this next week, considering it is 50% of the grade for that class!


Angel said...

Awww poor babes and poor Mom! I know you were skeptical about the migraine "pepper spray" but have you tried the Head On products? I find it takes the edge off my migraines (that and an ice pack).

I'm so sorry she has to endure migraines :X

Good luck on your paper!!

DarcyLee said...

I'm sorry your kids were sick. I don't know how you do your school work with little ones, anyway! My hat's off to you on that one. I did school at home in a distance program but my kids pretty much take care of themselves because they are older and it was still hard.