Thursday, May 7, 2009


My drapes finally arrived! They were a bit delayed because the company was out of stock and had to make these just for me.

Here's the hubby measuring everything out and getting ready to hang the drapes:
Getting ready to hang the curtains
You can see the plastic curtain we had hanging up outside to try to cut down on the glare.

Almost done getting them up (yes, we hung them a bit high off the floor because we're going to be putting carpet back in, in the next year or so):
almost done

The completed drapes in the evening... that huge piece of wood laying on the floor is the scalloped wood valance that will be mounted up above them. My great-grandmother had it custom made for the window back in the 50's.
the completed drapes at night

And a close-up of the pattern:
Close-up of the pattern

Now that they have been hanging all day, all of the creases from packing have been pulled out by the weight of the drapes. I'm going to have to buy table lamps now because the room is so dark, but it is making such a huge difference in the heat factor in this room.

The drapes are handmade right here in America. If you're interested in buying drapes from this company, you can check them out at Factory Bargain Drapes. They're a family owned company that has been around for almost 60 years and have lots of sizes and styles to choose from. They even sent the drapes with all of the hooks in the panels so they were very easy to put up!


Sarah-Michelle said...

I think they look awesome :)

Gloria said...

Wow the drapes look great and hubby got right to putting them up.....a high five for the hubster! Funny this morning I was looking at my slider and all the cat her on the bottom of my drapes thinking I have to get the type of drapes that you roll up so the cat can't rub up against them...I will definitely check out the drape factory. thanks.

Happy Mother's Day!

~ej said...

they look great!! i love those scallop edgings over top of drapes, always pulls it together imo.