Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Undy 500!

FlipFlopFleet is trying to collect 500 pairs of new or gently used underwear and bras to donate to the poorest of the poor. FlipFlopFleet originally started collecting flip-flops so that "no parent would ever have to choose between buying food or buying shoes for their children". The items are taken by missionaries traveling to poor-developing countries like Haiti and Ethiopia.

The intent of the Undy 500 is for everyone to clean out their drawers and promise to donate the stuff that we just don't use (that bra that fits funny, or those chonies that always ride up)- or to buy stuff on clearance or from thrift stores (99c store and Dollar stores also often have cheap undergarments). You don't have to mail them anywhere yet, as there is no central collection place since that would mean that shipping ends up getting paid twice on the items (from you to Dawn to whomever is traveling to a place in need). You just hold on to them until it's time to ship them to someone who is planning a trip and promises to distribute them (usually through an orphanage or something along those lines). All sizes are needed, in children's, men's, and women's sizes.

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