Friday, May 15, 2009

I shall catch up... some day!

Wow, I have really fallen off the blogging wagon! I do have some pictures to post.

Monday, we harvested our first cucumber. What fun it is to start seeing our garden produce!

Tuesday, Hubby and I had a wonderful day at the amusement park. The weather was perfect, the lines were practically non-existant, and we rode every roller coaster. We actually rode one of them three times! We ate at a 50's themed diner, watched two of the shows, and just got to spend the day holding hands and cuddling and enjoying our day together!

Wednesday, I took my Dad and Sierra to the vet for her vaccinations and to have one of her ears flushed out. I must be a darn good daughter to stand there and help the vet with these procedures on his dobermans when I am allergic and get to break out in hives afterwards!

Thursday, I spent the day just doing housework. I am happy to report that Mount Everest has been demolished, except for a pile of linens that needs to be tackled... but it's all "excess" stuff, so I'm in no rush on that end. All of our closets and drawers are neatly reorganized, and cleaned out.

Friday, today, I had class in the morning. Today was our 2nd session delving into The Stranger. I may be in the minority, but I didn't really care for the book. Actually, as I clarified to the professor, it's not necessarily the book but the protagonist that I don't really like. I also have a problem with the whole idea of symbolism in some cases and reading into things that perhaps the author didn't really mean. I mean, sometimes a book is just a book or a chair is just a chair, and looking for hidden meanings... well, that's just not me.
I ended the day by taking the littles to a Science Fridays event at a local educational store. Today's theme was balance and center of gravity, so the kids looked at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the way a T-Rex's tail helped him balance, and did experiments. The experiments included balancing toothpicks on each other (with the aid of a pipe cleaner), balancing toothpicks and forks on a salt shaker, balancing 6 nails on the head of one nail (once shown the trick, Abigail got up to 13 nails balanced on one nail head), hanging a hammer from ruler to make the ruler balance at different angles off the edge of the table, and picking up a stool underneath themselves while pressing their head into the wall. The event is put on by the store owner and one of the employees. The kids had a great time, and are looking forward to next week. (I also let them each pick out a small item after the event... Sabrina got a colonial girl paper doll, Abigail got a horse-themed sticker book, Cecilia got a Prairie girl sticker doll, and Niko got a sheet of planet stickers.)


Gloria said...

Wow you had a busy week! And it was balanced with some fun...I love that you and hubby got a day to spend with one another and hold is so important to plan time together especially when you have kids, work and can really put distance between couples so it is important to spend fun time together. Tom and I are very close and it is because we have always worked at our relationship and made each a priority. He stills opens my door, pulls out my chair, and kisses, and tells me he loves me every morning before he leaves for work..! Sadie I love reading your blogs because your a wonderful person.

That is exciting by the way when your garden begins to yeild produce. We are just planting our tomatoes of course you know our weather is much different than yours.
Take care and have a wonderful Sunday.

~ej said...

hurray for the first cucumber, all in the midst of a very busy week!! :)