Friday, February 25, 2011

So... where do you buy bows?

I've been buying hairbows for over 12 years. I've seen favorites come and go, and I occasionally force a WAHM out of retirement if she's the only one I know who can make a particular item (yes, Julia, I'm talking about you and your tooth-fairy knots!)

While I prefer to support WAHMs whenever possible, I will readily admit that my go-to for stash-building basics is Hetian-Lu/The Hairbow Club on eBay. Now, shipping from them takes awhile because they ship from Shanghai, but they are CHEAP and will happily make you pretty much any custom combination you'd like. When Sabrina started Kindergarten I had triple-layer bows made with navy blue on the top and bottom, different colors with polkadots in the middle (green, red, yellow, and pink - to match the common uniform polos), and a navy blue knot holding it all together. These bows are still going strong 7+ years later, though Ceci is the only one who will still wear them. ;) A lot of our basic, solid-color boutique style bows come from there. This is where most of Catie's flowers, tiny bows, and crochet headbands are from. (the $1 flowers aren't "perfect", they're "seconds quality", but honestly I don't really care.. they're cheap, LOL) And I'd much rather pay 37c for a headband than $5 for the same thing in a local boutique.

I'll come back later and edit this to include all of the WAHMs that we get bows from, since Catie just woke up.

*__________________ WAHM BOWS __________________*

1.Em & M Bows : Most bows are around $5, over the top bows are $8, super fast shipping.
2.Sara's Scraps: Adorable clippies, cute bows with fun centers, and my favorite - the embroidered name bow (you've probably seen Catie's "Catie" bow in many pictures, I love that thing!)
WAHMs I haven't ordered from personally:

1.Five Blessed Bows:
2.Bowdaciously Beautiful Bows:
3.Katie Kinz:
4.Baby Boutique:
5.Jennie's Bows:
6.Pretty Princess Hair Accessories:
7.Nala Grace:


Julia said...

I'm happy to contribute! I've been contemplating an Etsy shop. Hmmm

Jayme said...

I love our Five Blessed Bows. They have held up through the years the best, staying curly when wet, etc.

Anonymous said...

You should add Princess Bowtique on FB as well...99% of mine and SIL's bows are from her...SIL has even washed them on accident in the washer. She also sells on eBay, and does customs. She ships fast, and her bows are quality, but cheap in price :)

Anonymous said...

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