Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday Six (meme)

I'm participating in this meme, Saturday Six, from Patrick's Place.

1. What is the first movie you remember watching in a theater?
2. Was the first phone you ever used a rotary or push-button style phone?
3. Was the first car you owned new or used?
4. When did you first think you knew for certain what you wanted to do when you grew up?
5. How old were you the first time you set foot on an airplane?
6. What’s the first book that you read and really enjoyed?

1.) Look Who's Talking.   I clearly remember asking my mom what those squirmy things were and what they were doing, much to her embarrassment.

2.) Rotary.  I miss them. 

3.) Used. My first car was a 92' Hyundai Excel hatchback that was actually salvaged from a train wreck in Mexico. Classy ride.

4.) Probably around four. I remember telling people I wanted to have a red Ferrari and be a PI.  Sadly, I'm no Magnum.

5.) 8. My parents took me to Hawaii. That was one of two times I've been on a plane.

6.) I was addicted to the Dick and Jane series of books in Kindergarten and read EVERY SINGLE ONE. :)

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