Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm still alive!

I know, I know... I keep saying that I will post more, that I will post more pictures, that I'll share our recipes and menu plans, and update on how everyone is doing and all of that, and.... ::::deep breath:::: Then life gets in the way.

We haven't really gone anywhere exciting or done anything out of the ordinary. We've been swimming almost every day in my god mother's pool. I've been making sure the littles do their workbook assignments every day (much to Cecilia's chagrin). Tomorrow they will all finish up Section 2 of their Summer Bridge work and their prize will be a trip to Yogurtland! (That's truly as much a reward for me as it is for them... getting them to complete their simple 2-page assignment is often like pulling teeth.)

We've been working more on the remodeling projects for the kids' bedrooms. The girls' room itself is almost done. Much of the work left to do for that room is primarily furniture related, since I want all of their furniture to be white... Which is a scary concept in itself with 3 very active girls sharing a small room. Hopefully I will get to post pictures of the finished rooms soon!

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Lynn said...

It sounds like you and your kiddos are having a fine summer. And congratulations on getting them to the point with schoolwork where you can go celebrate. Yogurtland, ho!