Monday, July 13, 2009

Insert Creative Title Here...

I am falling so behind on this blog! We have been pretty busy...

We took the kids here:

Ralph B. Clark Regional Park (not my kids!)

We found 4 more Geocaches.

We made spin art.

We celebrated the 4th of July and had a BBQ. We watched the fireworks from our front yard.

The 4 littles went to VBS and boarded the Boomerang Express.

We went to Big Bear for the weekend. We planned on camping, but all of the campsites were taken except for ones way out in the sticks... As in we literally drove over dirt roads for two hours amidst screaming kids and nearly getting stuck in loose dirt and rocks before saying "Forget it!" and heading back into town to find a cabin for the night. We visited hubby's grandma, took her out to lunch, and bought and replaced the lights in her garage for her. We browsed through the shops the next morning, visited the arcade, and then went down the Alpine Slide. Cecilia was terrified of the ski lift, but had a great time on the slide and would love to go a thousand more times.

I think that pretty much sums up the last couple of weeks. Maybe I will be better at updating my blog more regularly, but I doubt it. ;) Thanks for sticking in there if you are still reading!

Menu Plan:


Crockpot pot roast with fauxtatoes, mashed potatoes and peas for the kids.

Top sirloin fajitas with whole wheat tortillas.

Carne asada with chile rellenos and homemade salsa.

BBQ chuck steak with steamed asparagus.

Beef kabobs with bell peppers, onions, and cherry tomatoes.


Blueberry pancakes, Cereal, Whole wheat cinnamon-apple muffins

Other news:

It looks like we will be venturing into homeschooling with Nathan. We're in the enrollment process right now with one of the state's virtual academies, so if there are no problems and he is accepted into the program, then we will be homeschooling as of this fall. Hes been having issues with school for years now so we are hoping that by bringing him home he will be able to focus more on his work, less on being the class clown, less on appearances, and won't have problems with failing classes for not turning in work. I'd appreciate your thoughts and prayers as it is a bit nerve wracking taking on the challenge of bringing this guy home full-time, but I believe in my heart that it will be a good opportunity for him.


Lisa said...

Homeschooling is an exciting venture! I wish you all the best. Feel free to ask any questions you wonder about since I also am hs'ing a 14yo.

Gloria said...

I would have turned camping for this ole girl anymore...the last time I went camping I was 40 and I thought am I year it's a hotel with a hot tub.........!

Glad you guys are enjoying your summer.

Must have been loud in the car with 5 kids. I hope you have an ipod or ear plugs anyway. lol

Alison said...

Oh girl..good for you all seeing Nathan needs this..bringing Noah home for the 2 years he homeschooled was the best decision we made for him..I often wish he was still home!

DarcyLee said...

I, too, brought home our children for schooling after problems at school, so I know how you are feeling. The only advice I would give you at this point is to let your son adjust to being at home because he is used to having a schedule at traditional school. Even though you may need to meet certain state requirements for his schooling, you may want to let him get used to being home without his siblings there for the first week or two without asking too much of him. I wish I had done that with my girls. Everyone has their own style of schooling so do what is best for you. Good luck!

Angel said...

So late on reading this...but if anyone can help their child be successful at homeschooling, it's you. You are such an amazing mother. And not to knock all HSers but I see people do it for the wrong reasons who aren't really qualified.

We have debated it at different times for the kids, esp with JB's allergies, but so far, so good.

Lots of love, prayers and encouragement your way--any time :)