Tuesday, June 15, 2010

17 weeks

Some days it feels as though this pregnancy is dragging on. The weeks between appointments seem to take forever.

Other days, it feels as though time is rushing by. There are so many projects, so many things I want to have done before this baby comes home.

Tuesday, June 15th marks the beginning of the 17th week. Time for another blood draw - the last of the genetic testing series, which included a blood draw at 11 weeks, the nuchal translucency ultrasound at 12 weeks, and now this second blood draw. After the NT ultrasound, the perinatologist told us our chances of the baby having Down Syndrome were a scant 1 in 1500. I didn't really feel like there was anything wrong with the baby, and mostly just okay'd the testing because I knew it meant another ultrasound... another peek in at our little one that I have been so nervous about.

It still doesn't quite feel "real" to me. Over the past few days, I have started feeling the tiniest of flutters that didn't seem like gas though, and so I am hoping that it truly feels "real" soon.

In two weeks is our big "anatomy survey" ultrasound, where they do all of the measurements and check the baby's heart and all of that. I am really hoping the baby isn't shy and we can find out if it's a boy or a girl.

This is not one of my ultrasounds, but I thought this picture was pretty neat, and gives an idea of what our little one might look like today, if we could see inside:

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