Friday, September 3, 2010

Bento #10 - or, picky eaters rear their heads.

Bento #10

Abbi, 10, has decided she does not like the sandwich thins. She refused to eat yesterday's PBJ sandwich that I made her (after telling me she didn't like the turkey and cheese sandwich) because the bread is "icky". So at 6:30am while I rolled my eyes at this bit of news, I pulled out the whole-wheat bread and made her PBJ on that instead. Aren't I accomodating?
Everyone else is still satisfied with the sandwich thins, so same thing as yesterday - Turkey for Brina and Ceci, PBJ for Niko. I'm starting to feel like a short order cook.
Cantaloupe and red grapes. Pretzels. Colby Jack cheese sticks. Half a granola bar each for Brina and Abbi.

Recess snack (not shown): Vanilla creme brulee mini rice cakes.

We also found some cute "mini" fruits at the grocery store yesterday that my kids insisted on trying out. These won't make it through the 3-day weekend with my fruit loving chowhounds, but I thought I'd show them off anyways.
Mini apples and bananas!
Such a tiny banana.
So petite, so cute!

We also found a new fruit to add to our regular rotation of fruit offerings... Korean melons! These small yellow melons, about the size of a large Russet potato, have a firm white flesh that tastes like cantaloupe, but a little sweeter. Even Mr.SuperPicky himself, Niko, was convinced to try a sample at the store and his eyes lit up as he called them "the best fruit ever!"

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