Thursday, June 25, 2009


I almost forgot to write that we did get to do an art project today, a day late. As the kids were cleaning up the living room, we heard a knock at the door. When I got to the door, I could see the UPS man running back to his truck. On our doorstep, he had left a package from Creativity for Kids.

Creativity for Kids is running a special program in the month of June.
"During the month of June, Creativity for Kids is giving away 1 FREE product to each of our Facebook Fans. It's easy! Simply go to our website and select your favorite item. Next, send an email to including your name, shipping address and product selection and we will mail you your FREE product. Invite your friends to be a fan of Creativity for Kids and they can get a free product too!"
So here is what you need to do... Log in to facebook and do a facebook search for "Creativity for Kids". Once you get to their Facebook Page, click on "become a fan". Now go to, check out their products and pick what you want!

I placed our request on June 15th and received it June 25th. I picked out the Butterfly Bedroom because that is the girls' room theme!

Their finished projects:

And a couple of cute pictures of my sweetie pie, Rexi:

I put him on the back of Niko's rocking chair while we watched TV. He was having a blast "dancing" to the music and making the chair rock. Such a silly baby!

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