Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer.... ah, summer....

School is out; it's time to shout! Hooray, hooray!

The last two weeks of school were very busy and stressful and I am so glad they are over! I had a group project that had to be done for accounting, a research paper for my English composition class, and had to do homework and study for a final in accounting. Add all of that to last minute projects that the kids had to do for school, plus performances and award ceremonies, and I was just non-stop on the go. All of my housework got put on the back burner, and now it is probably going to take me a month to get it all caught back up!

Happily, I managed to pull off A's on the project and research paper, and ended up with an A in English and passed the accounting class with a C. Accounting is just not my thing... especially stocks. While I'm not happy about getting a C in any class, I am simply happy that the class is over with and that I managed to pass it despite getting very low scores on both of the midterms. I haven't even considered what classes I will take in the fall, but History and Speech are probably the next ones that I need to take to finish up my GE requirements for a degree.

We're starting off with a basic plan for the summer. The littles are all doing Summer Bridge workbooks, plus we're dong daily reading and journal writing. Cecilia also has 4 spelling assignments per week. Abigail and Sabrina asked if they could do research reports on various subjects as well, so Abbi is starting off with Helen Keller and Sabrina chose Walt Disney. Our "rough plan" for each week is Monday/Library Day, Tuesday/Park, Wednesday/Art Day, Thursday/Hike, and Friday/Science.

This week for library day, we started off by checking out some of the books on their Summer Bridge reading lists, plus the books for their research, and some just for pure fun. Tuesday was the free day at The Arboretum so went there for our "park day". We managed to get through with just a minimum of whining from Cecilia. Lots of pictures to share!!


DarcyLee said...

Sounds like a good start to a great summer for you. Have fun.

Gloria said...

Sadie a big Congratulations! Know you have been missed and I look forward to reading your summer blogs. I understand about housework backing up but hey just have the kids put on some old socks and start sock've got to delegate and work as a team I always say. I use to do the monthly team speech in my house.....! The funniest is when my daughter was about 8 or 9 and she learn what the military was and came home and said "Mom where you ever in the Army?" And no I wasn't!

Sadie great job!