Thursday, June 25, 2009

So much life going on...

...that it's hard to keep up with the blogging.

Tuesday, park day... I took the littles and my Dad to a park we have passed many times on the freeway while heading to the beach. The little ponds looked so inviting, and when I learned that fishing was allowed, it seemed like a natural choice.

We left the park with 18 tiny little crappie, and a sunburned Mommy. ::::Note to self: just because it's overcast when you leave the house, it doesn't mean that you should skip the sunscreen::::

Wednesday was supposed to be our art day, but I really needed to tackle some housekeeping that had been put off. I told the kids that if they got all of the living room picked up, then we'd do a project... they didn't. But I did get caught up on the dishes and tackled a lot of laundry! I also took Sierra to the vet again with my Dad, as she had grown another large mammary tumor (and she's also developed hypothyroidism). That poor dog is going through a lot for dog that is barely three years old. They did another surgery to remove it, and when we picked her up today (Thursday) she already looked so much better. Her right leg had been swelling up as well, and the swelling was down a lot today and she was very lively and playful. Hopefully her recovery from this 3rd surgery will be a lot smoother and quicker, and we won't have to deal with any complications while she heals.

That brings us to today... we got all of our work done in the morning as usual, but I didn't have a hike planned yet because I knew we would be picking Sierra up at some point. After we picked her up and had lunch, I decided it would be nice to hit a small local park that is more of a walking trails park than a "real" hike, but the kids like to explore the riparian area there. They also decided that they wanted to try finding some geocaches.

We ended up finding all four of the geocaches we set out looking for! What fun! After finding our caches, we headed to the park to have our snack and play. They met a couple of girls who were trying to find some baby turtles that they had released last week, and before I knew it they were running amok as usual. Jumping over the stream, scrambling over trees, ducking under the bridge, and playing soccer on the bridge. Such busy little bees!

Our first geocache:



and 4th:

Our "hiking" picture:

And I'm off to read a bedtime story...

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