Sunday, January 10, 2010

Forgive my absence.

The holidays have been keeping me crazy busy, but I am hoping that with the new year I will find time to post at least semi-regularly. Facebook is so much easier to keep up with - just a few seconds, not much thought involved!

It's also harder to post pictures here on Blogger since I have run out of room on Picasa... I don't really want to have to start a new blogging account just so that I can have more picture storage, so I end up having to try to upload pictures to Photobucket or Flickr, and then it just becomes a big hassel. I saw on someone else's blog today that she just linked to her Facebook albums, but I'm not quite sure I want to do that either.


Angel said...

That just seems...odd. I mean I've been blogging for 5 years, I know I've posted more photos and have no problem w/ space.

The other thing I can recommend--create another blog, post your picture there, and then use that as a "hosting site"

good luck!!

Jayme said...

I often post mine in photobucket and then use a smaller, resized image for blogger- otherwise my filesizes are HUGE... if your camera takes huge pics, perhaps that's why you've used up the space?