Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 3 Update and on to Day 4

Well, I did get my math homework finished, and I did study for my biology exam... though since I had to wait until the kids were asleep to tackle those, I didn't get to bed myself until nearly midnight. Also, from yesterday's to do list, I did put clean sheets on our bed, and I did clean the back bathroom... but I have not yet conquered the piles of laundry. Dinner last night was chicken soup, made from the leftover Tuesday night baked chicken, as per the birthday girl's request. For dessert, we had some fun little trifles in fancy champagne and wine glasses. Since the hubby and I don't drink, the fancy glasses just sit in the cupboard, and this post from the Pioneer Woman was inspiration enough! Breezy and I baked a packaged angel food cake (none were available already baked at our store), and topped them with diced strawberries, and light store-brand whipped topping. Picture to come later!

I had school today, so that took up most of my morning, and now I have eaten, cleaned off the table, did a load of dishes, and did a water change on one of my fish tanks. Remaining on today's to-do list:
-PTA meeting at the girls' school
-re-picking up the toys that are the bane of my existence
-planting some surprises from the House Fairy because my girls have kept their room clean for THREE days (shocking!)
-attempting to tackle the laundry piles that are increasing exponentially
-getting some Geography homework done and preparing for this weekend's field trip
-building a cozy reading nook (idea from The Crafty Crow) under the kitchen table for today's homework

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Liz said...

Whew, you are one seriously busy lady!!!!