Monday, November 10, 2008

What I actually got done.

I always overplan. I knew I wasn't going to get everything on my list done, but at least it served to keep me motivated for most of the day.

So here's what we got done... I had the kids empty the pantry out and put everything on the kitchen table. We wiped down the shelves, and then they pretended it was an elevator for a while.


Going up!


We filled it back up, and then did the same to the spice cabinet (the small cabinet next to the stove, houses all of the spices, cooking sprays, tea, and coffee). No pictures of that though! We also emptied and filled the dishwasher, but somehow it never got turned on. Oops.

Then.... we sock mopped! The kids all put on Daddy and Big Brother socks, inside out, I squirted cleaner on the floor, and they slipped and slided all over the kitchen floor. When they were done, I mopped up the excess soap and water, and cleaned around the edges of the room. It's not a perfect job, but like Flylady says, even housework that isn't done to perfection is still a blessing to your family!

Sock mopping.

While I went out to the garage to handle some laundry, they used some emptied out containers from the pantry & spice cabinet cleaning to have their own "marching band". Tinkerbell used a harmonica, while Pony and Superman drummed on a coffee can and a breadcrumb can.

We took a break for a while, and after they picked up the toys in the living room, we ate lunch picnic-style on the floor. After lunch, it was time to really clean up the living room. As you can see... it was a mess and a half before. The smaller pile of junk was just what was underneath the coffee table from the last WEEK. My kids are piggies. I did get the couch and end table cleared off, all of the junk on the floor picked up and put away properly, and mopped this half of the room. I'm not quite done with the living room yet; the bottom of the coffee table still has a lot of mail and magazines that need to be sorted through. And all the laundry that was on the couch got added to the piles already in the bedroom, so I have a MEGA pile to contend with tonight. Wish me luck!



I told you I'd make you feel better.


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