Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 5? I think.

yesterday's list:
-PTA meeting at the girls' school (had to go home and print out some membership cards ASAP instead)
-re-picking up the toys that are the bane of my existence Made the kids pick up the living room.... can't tell today though
-planting some surprises from the House Fairy because my girls have kept their room clean for THREE days (shocking!) The girls were very excited to find notebooks and fairy dust from the House Fairy
-attempting to tackle the laundry piles that are increasing exponentially Didn't touch them
-getting some Geography homework done and preparing for this weekend's field trip Did nothing
-building a cozy reading nook (idea from The Crafty Crow) under the kitchen table for today's homework Did this, kids had a blast and even wanted to eat dinner under there

Also completed:
-Went to library and returned DVDs and books borrowed on Saturday, picked out a new stack of books (with the 3 girls)
-Came home and crawled into bed because the kids' stomach flu hit me, hard

-Stayed in bed most of the day
-Emailed my Friday instructors and let them know I wouldn't be in class today, arranged a makeup exam for Geography lab
-Kept the 2 kids that stayed home sick stocked up with saltines and water in between their dashes to the bathroom
-Repeatedly Lysol'd things around the house
-Watched a lot of BBC
-Made 3 newborn caps from stained-up toddler tees for Caps to Cap-Haitien Project (the cool thing about using the stained up tees that I would have just thrown out was that by careful placement of the pattern, I was able to avoid the stains that went down the center/chest of the shirts, and was able to make 3 usable, and cute, life-saving caps (and my 8y/o got to help)

The tees before...

...and After!


Baroness of Blah said...

Where's the cap tutorial?? I'm assuming you found one somewhere, not suggesting you create one. ;) Hope everyone is better soon. Being sick sucks.

Baroness of Blah said...

Thanks for the information!