Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The "Back to School" (and back to blogging!) Giveaway

Howdy Ya'll!

Things are finally getting settled back down. It has been a long summer, yet at the same time, not nearly long enough! The four little ones have started off this school year on the right foot. Nathan doesn't start his online courses for another week. I'm only taking one online course this semester myself.

Niko has started playing baseball in the city's pony league. Nathan is trying out a variety of karate dojos to see which one is the best fit for him. Big Nate is taking a pretty heavy load of four classes this year.

I have conquered Mount Washmore. For now. I am sure there will be later avalanches or other disaster that will make that beast rear up again.

So in this spirit of relief, happiness, and an insatiable need for retail therapy I am announcing what I hope will be a fun giveaway.

The prize? $15 for you to spend.

The catch? It has to be for an online store that accepts Paypal (Yes, even eBay counts). That's pretty much the whole catch, except for the standard disclaimers... open to US Residents only, yada yada. You must have your entries in by Friday, September 11th. Winner will be posted Saturday, September 12th.

How to enter:

1) Post a comment sharing what you would like to buy, and link to the site.


2) Repost this giveaway on your blog, and post a comment here with a direct link to your post.

That gives you up to 2 chances to be entered in this giveaway. A name will be drawn using the Random Interger Generator.

So... get to window shopping!! Has there been something that you've been wanting a little extra spending cash to get? A pretty yarn? A knick knack? A book? Soft shoes or a cute cloth diaper for your baby? A cute necklace? Some neat WAHM product?

Figure out the one thing you want most that can be yours for under $15 (including shipping) and share it with us!


Stacey said...
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Stacey said...

A small cover from out of this fabric :)

Stacey said...

Anonymous said...

Soft Shoes :) Love the Shoeszoo! Thanks a lot for the opportunity!

Dani aka Super Mom said...

I would get these for O.

Anonymous said...

I know kinda boring and plain...LOL. Or Shoeszoos. He needs new shoes.


Nancy said...

How sad is it that I didn't even know you had a blog?!?! Well with the $15 I would get Jesse some new soft shoes. See my own blog post to find out why he needs them :(

I've liked shoeszoos before, but I'm looking forward to shopping around : )

Nancy said...

Okay THESE are what I would get ; )
and I might have to get more too!

Michele said...
I love her fitteds and covers. They are adorable!

Angel said...

Thank you SO MUCH Sadie :)

Here's the link to my blog post:

Here's the link to my Wish Item:
Could browse Etsy ALL DAY! lol

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

I would choose the Michelangelo colorway of Magical Italia Artista - 100% Merino roving from Knit Witch - which is a lucky choice, since they are offereing free shipping for all orders in Sept.!

Thanks for having such a fun giveaway. I love window shopping, but even more when there's a chance of winning something!

Glo said...

Sadie I am not going to enter, got no little ones going to back to school.

I will link your post to my blogspot.

I use to be glad when they went back by but mid March I wanted them out for summer, r we ever satisfied?