Friday, September 18, 2009

This little light of mine.

I stopped by a little thrift shop with my mom today after her doctor appointment and picked up this little lamp. I debated with myself over its purchase, putting it back on the shelf four or five times. I finally bit the bullet and paid the lady $5.00 for it.

vintage lamp

I am planning on giving it a coat of spray-paint in bright white (it's actually an off-white now), and painting the little flowers lilac inside... And putting a new shade on it, hopefully in lavendar or light green gingham. I think I will replace the little plastic finial on top with something else as well.

I am planning on sitting this on top of the girls' dresser. So my lovely internet friends, was this a find? Or should I have left it behind?

More pictures!





And for a special bonus, here's a sneak peek at the hardware for the dresser. I'm giving the handles a couple of coats of "dark bronze" hammered finish spray paint.




Michele said...

That is a great buy. I would've bought it.

Anonymous said...

That was a great deal but I'd leave it as it is, cuz I love vintage looking things.... but I'm sure it will be cute when you personalize it for your taste also!

Glo said...

Now my 2c worth. Sadie first of all it was a good find. I took would have haggled over the $5 bucks but truth be told you can't even buy a cheap lamp for $5 dollars nor would you have got a lamp that tall for cheap money new. I love your idea to paint and change the shade.. I think I would look for the light green shade you want to much purple.....I would spray paint the base light purple and shade green. you could do the stripes on base green and the centers of the flowers but I wouldn't bother.

Angel said...

Great buy! And with your talent, it's going to look fabulous with your loving touch :)