Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More work on the bedroom...

Over the last month or so, we've gotten a lot done on the bedroom. We finally finished painting and installing all of the new trim. Putting up the new baseboards in this room was difficult because the walls on either side of the door are curved, but after a lot of trial and error, they're done!

Here's a reminder of what the room started out as... This was Nathan's room. I forgot to take a picture before moving the bed into the center of the room to start removing the border, so just imagine it up against the wall instead!

From bedroom transformation

Once everything, including the carpeting was removed, we were left with this:
From bedroom transformation

We refinished the hardwood flooring:
From bedroom transformation

Then painted the room "Sassy Lilac":
From bedroom transformation

I bought a dresser to refinish:
From The Ugly Gray House

From bedroom transformation

And pulled out the old twin bed to give new life to as well. This bed was made in August 1945 and was used by my Dad (born in 1948), various family members, myself, and Nathan. It has needed to be refinished as far back as I can remember, but instead of sanding it down and refinishing it in the original maple, I decided to bite the bullet and paint it white. Painting wooden furniture just KILLS me by the way.
From bedroom transformation

From bedroom transformation

From bedroom transformation

From bedroom transformation

I found this soft and fluffy shag rug at Target and had to buy it when I saw how perfectly the color went with the room. It is so uunbelievably fluffy... but too thick for my vacuum to tackle on even the highest setting. Luckily, it's machine washable so I can just take it to the laundromat whenever it gets icky. Still, there is a NO SHOES rule now in place for their room.

From bedroom transformation

From bedroom transformation

We will be replacing the oak bunkbed with a white one in a few weeks. If this one was in good condition, I would simply paint it, but after seven years with my rough little ladies... well, the ladder was busted long ago, the wood is cracked in a few places, etc. It is just time to let it go.


Sabrina was dyyyyyyyying for a canopy. They're not really my thing, but she is over the moon with this and feels like a complete and total princess.

From bedroom transformation

Just a few more things left until the room is "finished". We need to buy curtain rods and hang up the lilac sheers on the windows. I need to finish painting the dresser white, as well as their bookcase. Then I need to find a small nightstand table for Sabrina. A couple of small lamps for the nightstand and dresser, and a battery-operated lamp of some sort for their bookcase. I also need to paint some shelves to hang on the walls between their beds, paint some frames for some paint by number paintings the girls did, hang some tulle butterflies that they painted, etc.

And then... work begins on the boys' new room. Just imagine blue and wood. And speakers and stars.


Niffercoo said...

Wow!! What an amazing transformation!!

Michele said...

Looks great!

Glo said...

Look great! Hey where is Nate sleeping now in the garage? I want to see his new room.

Kimba said...

Wow! What a fantastic makeover! I really love the white bed.

Maryann @ Domestically-Speaking said...

You did a great job on the bed & the flooring.

Victoria said...

It is amazing how that a coat of paint and the doodad made the bed look just like something out of Pottery Barn kids!

Looks great and way to go Mom for letting her have the canopy. :)

Maureen said...

I quite agree with you regarding painting wood. I see it done so frequently now, but it makes me cringe. Wood is such a beautiful natural material. I love to see the grain.

I remember back in the 70's (yes I'm THAT old! ) folks were refinishing wood furniture and household trim, stairs etc. by stripping off the layers of paint to uncover the beauty of the natural wood again. I think this 'paint everything white or black' phase will die out and we will get back to the natural wood again. And I'll have a head start then! :)

Angel said...

LOVELY!!! I wish we lived closer, I sure could use your advice on stuff!

I *hate* painting wood too. Love that natural look, even if it winds up a dark stain.

That kind of canopy is adorable and WAY better than the other type--DUSTY!! ick.

The sassy lilac looks JUST like the color of JQ's room :)

We've decided to bite the bullet and try to redo this house instead of moving. Hoping now that we're not paying tuition, and hoping my quilt biz gets going, it will happen sooner rather than later! (the front of our house looks sooo similar to yours!)