Monday, April 13, 2009


I did it. I framed the kids. Again.

Here's the second frame that I bought last week, spray painted satin black and reassembled. In order to solve my "dilemma" over having black frames, a black monogram, and a navy barn star I bought a double mat for this frame. It's white AND navy blue. The navy stripe is small, and probably not very noticeable, but I feel that it ties everything together nicely. I got the mat at Michael's... and by the way, bookmark this blog; they post the latest Joanns/Michael's/Hobby Lobby/ACMoore type printable coupons and it's so much easier than trying to search for them every time you need one!


I can't wait to have this room repainted and get all of my goodies hung up on the walls! If all goes as planned, I should get to order the drapes in about two weeks!


We have been slacking on our church attendance. It seemed like every weekend was jam packed full of plans, or someone(s) in the family was sick. We made going to church for Easter a priority. The pastor again preached a lot during offering time, about how blessings pour out when you tithe. Today, we received such a blessing. We were surprised to get a packet in the mail from our mortgage company stating that we were qualified for an immense reduction in our payment, nearly halving our payment for the next two years (our interest rate being knocked down all the way to 2%!!), then increasing a bit for another two years (with interest of 4%), then ending up at a payment for the remainder of the term that is still less than our current payment, and at a lower interest rate than what we are now paying (6%)! This was truly the answer to so many of our prayers lately. We'll be mailing off all of the paperwork for it tomorrow, and it just feels like a big weight has been lifted off of our shoulders. It's a savings of 152K over the life of the loan.


I procrastinated a bit on writing my essay (rough draft due on Friday). I was trying to work on it, but Niko was being his usual gregarious self and I just couldn't concentrate. I ended up finishing Eclipse from the Twilight series. I haven't read the 4th book yet, but I must admit that I am more of a Jacob fan than an Edward fan. And as for the movie? I must be getting old because I thought the cutest guy in the movie was Charlie (Bella's Dad).
This week's essay topic that I chose from the three prompts that we were given is on free-will versus fate in Oedipus and Antigone.


Sarah-Michelle said...

Oh that is a huge blessing with the mortgage company! I'm an Edward fan but I do think he's a bit cocky. Wouldn't you be too if you'd been around for that many years? I haven't seen the movie yet though.

Georgi said...

I am older than you and I am an Edward fan, he is hot. lolol I think Jacob was too young in the movie to be hot, however, he was very hot in the last book.

Lisa said...


I too am a Jacob fan.

And I also like Charlie.

But the hottest guy in the movie? JAMES. No question. lol

Look what it takes to get me to post more than a sentence comment. lolol See how shallow I am?

Or did you already know that about me? :::blush:::

elena jane said...

what a wonderful savings from the mortgage company!! and good for you, getting back to church :)
great frame, you did a fantastic job :)
i was excited to zip thru the first twilight book, i have to get the second one (a million holds at the library)...haven't seen the movie yet. i can't make a call on jacob vs edward yet...but lol @ liking her dad :)