Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Donation Deadline - Can you help?

This is copied from the Livesay's blog (they are missionaries serving in Haiti):

Heartline Women's Program is currently touching the lives of more than 90 women and in turn helping hundreds of children have brighter futures because their mothers are becoming better educated and more empowered. A matching grant of 15K was given to the program. We only need to raise $395 more in order to receive the grant --- today is the day!!!! Please click on the left side where it says "Heartline Ministries" Go to the Womens Program tab and click to donate to help today be our last day of fundraising for this grant. THANK YOU!!!!!

Please help them raise the last couple of hundred dollars that they need to get this matching grant! This money will help them so much! You can read all about the Women's Program here... then just scroll down to donate. Every dollar helps! Please pass it on.

Heart Line Ministries

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