Tuesday, April 14, 2009


One of the ways I have been saving money is cutting boy hair myself. A set of clippers at Walmart costs less than $20, so by the time you have done just two or three hair cuts, you've made your money back.

I love to rub my hands over freshly shaved heads... they're just so fuzzy and soft!!


Lisa said...

I usually cut my kids' hair myself too. Heck, who am I kidding? I usually cut MY OWN hair too.

Gi said...

I use to shave my son's head every summer and one time he moved and I nicked his scalp so he would never trust me to shave it again. He was so mad. My daughter is a hair stylist and I should have known she was going to cut hair for a living because she started cutting her own hair at 3 including every doll she owned...stuff animal too.

I get the free hair cuts now :)!

elena jane said...

i cut my younger 3 boys' hair and hubby's, saves us so much. just buzz them every 6 wks and we're good to go!! my sil freaks out and worries she'll do it wrong, but i put on the #3 comb and BBBZZZZ, they're done!! we're on clipper number two btw, but i've been doing the boys since 1998! ;)

ps - what a cutie pie :)