Friday, April 24, 2009

Need to catch up!!

I took a bit of a break from blogging this week as I had to finish a 6-8 page paper for my English class. It ended up being 7 pages, and I like what I wrote, so I hope it does well... it was on Oedipus Rex & Antigone, and the concepts of free-will and fate in both of the plays. Trying to concentrate and write anything worth reading in a house full of noisy children is challenging at best, depressing at worst.

Other than homework, I have spent a good portion of the week really tackling Mount Washmore, that ever growing pile of laundry. I am pleased to announce that I can see my garage floor!

Quick recap of the week while I am thinking about it:

Monday - It was over 100. It was hot. I detest doing anything in the heat.

Tuesday - Took Niko to the park in the hopes that he would go play long enough for me to read some of Antigone and make notes on what passages I would use as support in my paper. Not much luck with that, but he had fun.

Wednesday - Ordered new drapes for the living room! I am so excited to actually have window coverings again... we had to take down the vertical blinds ages ago because the kids had really messed them up... which in turn had been replacements for the original drapes that MELTED together when we had them dry cleaned. They should be here next week, and are going to make a huge difference just in keeping the living room from being an oven (south-facing wall)! After I get them, I'll let you know where I ordered them from if they're good quality. :)

Thursday - Had to pick Cecilia up from school after she got stung. By a bee. On the BUTT. It was on the slide, and she ran it over. I asked her if she was planning on getting a bee sting at school every year, as she got a sting on the finger last year in Kindergarten.

Friday - Went to class. Turned in my paper. Pop quiz on Hamlet - glad that I read the Cliff Notes for that this morning! Mid term next week. Dad requested a trip to the thrift store, which I readily agreed to... scored a full-length denim skirt for Abigail and a cute shirt for her, and two skirts for me... which I adored when I tried them on, but am having second thoughts since my mom called them both "hideous".


Gi said...

Missed u this week. I was doing the same "Laundry" lots of it and Ironing Toms work pile to be iron is still sitting here.
I smiled over your daughter getting a bee sting going down the slide....baking soda or a mud pack I remember for a bee sting!

I honestly don't know how you are able to do school work with 5 children ..!

New blinds ..I love getting something new for the make a big difference in a room and I can imagine in CA with the heat you need them.

Oh did you ever finish the wool-eater afghan.

Take care and have a great weekend.

Dell said...

100 degrees there? Wow. We are STILL getting a bit of spring snow--we should be near the end of that though.

I hope you did great on your Sophocles paper! It sounds like a fascinating topic--good choice in theme!