Friday, April 3, 2009


I went to class this morning, then came home and picked up my mom and Niko for a day of shopping. We went to two small thrift shops and an antique store. I have not been in an antique store in so many years that I can't even remember when the last time was! I saw a lot of lovely things that I would love to have in my home, but some of the stuff in there just made me feel old! I'm only 29... I shouldn't be seeing my childhood toys for sale in an antique store!
Between the two thrift stores I bought: long-sleeve shirt for Cecilia, jeans for Abigail, uniform blouse for Abigail, large iron wall cross, milk glass compote, and two wooden frames. Not a bad haul for a total of $10.13!

Here is one of the things that I did *not* buy today... but who could resist a giggle over an album cover like this?

This is the large cross that I bought. I am thinking of spraypainting it a hammered pewster or oil-robbed bronze. It's a bit too faux rusted brown for me right now.

I had this photo printed out last week at Walgreens. It's a 5x7 black and white print of one of my favorite photos from last summer. I spray-painted this frame today with satin black. I have been looking for nice frames in the thrift stores lately and have been coming up pretty much empty handed. Everything I seem to find is either those very simple thin oak rectangles without much character, or somehow lacking in some other aspect. It feels almost like someone is going through and snatching up all of the pretty ones before I get there! I like how chunky this frame is... I think it really gives it some presence.

I have been loading up my poor mantle with a lot of my recent finds until I can get them in their final homes. Frm the left there is the picture from above, sitting on a stack of Christmas cards that I need to put away until it's time for ornaments and crafts next year. The big iron cross from today, followed by my little Walmart cross. Our letter "K" - still in the box no less! My navy barn star... should I paint that black to match the K and the frames that are all going to be hung together on the same wall? Then my little spray painted bunny, and some of my milk glass/white stuff collection. I'm slowly amassing the things that I want to use to redecorate my house, but I am a long way from feeling like I have reached some level of completeness.

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April Dawn said...

::snicker::: She said "organ". You so need to come decorate my house for me. I totally suck at it.