Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Niko is now officially registered for Kindergarten! My sweet tiny baby boy is sure growing up fast.

Most of today was spent studying for an accounting midterm. We took the midterm on campus tonight, and ugh. Double ugh. I am just praying that I pass the test. I did not expect to have to prepare financial statements from scratch, by hand. The journal entries weren't so bad, but when it came to the Income Statement, Retained Earnings and Balance Sheet, I kind of blanked out. I could not picture them in my mind at all. I tried to do as much of it as I could remember, but I couldn't remember which assets and liabilities to list on some of the documents, and the numbers that I ended up with did not balance out. I'm hoping my grade on the multiple-choice part will be enough to save me.

For snack after school today we had sugar cookies and homemade lemonade. I love good, fresh lemonade made with lemons grown at home. I detest all of that fake junk, the Minute Maid and Country Time and all of that... I like Hot Dog on a Stick, and homemade.
Lemonade and Sugar Cookies

I finally got my cherry tomatoes planted, and my burpless cucumbers too. I tried making a trellis for the cucumbers to grow up, but I think I will retie it tomorrow. I dug two fence stakes into the dirt, and used sisal twine to make lines across, but as I pulled the top tighter, all of the twine at the bottom loosened up. I am thinking that if I start tying it at the top towards the bottom instead, then the whole thing should stay taut and not start drooping.

My agenda for tomorrow:
-go to post office and mail Gloria's hat
-read Oedipus Rex and Antigone in preparation for Friday's lecture
-pray that I got a decent grade on last week's essay on symbolism in Kate Chopin's "Story of an Hour"
-mop kitchen floor
-pick up all of the laundry that has been breeding on our bedroom floor
-pay the water bill
-retie the cucumber trellis

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Gi said...

Hi Sadie:

I remember my son's first day of Kindergarden...I cried so much that I had to sit in the nurses office to be consoled and calm down. My son was born with some nureological disabilities and some of his organs; bladder; tongue and so forth where either under developed blah blah........anyway the Kindergarden teacher never forgot me because I volunteered for everthing because I was so worried about someone not understanding what he was saying or needing. Anyway with lots of therapy; assistance; accomodations ....he graduated at 20 but with high honors and in the top 10% of his class........I really bawled my eyes out at his graduation last summer.

Well I am off to the Family Dollar and Walmart with my babyboy; I am teaching him how to shop for less.

I won't be around much for the next week. The hubster is taking me to Aruba this Saturday for week. See it isn't all bad when the kids grow and hubby can actually afford to go on a vacation.....I have waited a long time for this vacation but it has been worth the wait.