Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Niko had his doctor appointment today for his Kindergarten physical. He got to skip all of the blood draws and finger pricks because he had those done less than two years ago before he started preschool.

He did get his very first immunization shot though, and he was not happy about that. I had promised him, "Niko, if you don't cry, we'll go get ice cream after!" Well, I was talking to him and we were making silly faces, and the nurse snuck up behind him and and got him in the arm. His face instantly changed from happy and playful to a very mad scream. He clung to me, sobbed for just a few seconds, then dried off his eyes, and solemnly asked... "Mommy, do I still get ice cream?" ::::heart melting::::


He also got to skip the eye exam portion of the physical since he just went to the optometrist in January. He did do the hearing test though, and he looked so adorable with those big head phones on as he told the nurse whether he heard the tones.


My healthy little boy got an ice cream sundae treat at McDonald's. I usually take the kids to Baskin Robbins after an appointment, but he was pretty definitive about exactly what he wanted. Hey, I got off a lot cheaper this way!


He finished his ice cream off to the very last drop, then we cleaned him up and headed back to the doctor's office to pick up his paperwork. Since he just had all of the labs done last year, they needed to get those records faxed over from the old office that our family doctor was with before he moved into his own office. The fax machines were being slow, so they ended up just verbally checking the results before filling out his school form.


I just need to finish off the rest of his paperwork, and then turn it all in to the school office and he will be officially registered for Kindergarten. I can hardly believe that my BABY boy is going to be starting school!

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