Thursday, March 26, 2009


I feel like I am drowning in work this week. Hubby and I were up until 2am last night finishing homework for our Accounting class, then up at 6am to get the kids off to school and him off to work. I have an English paper due in the morning. I've managed to squeak out 3 pages but it has to be at least 4 pages, so it will be another late night tonight after the kids go to bed. I have tried all week to finish it, and it's just so hard with little ones about. I will get a paragraph thought out in my head, start to write a sentence, and halfway through the sentence my train of thought has been hijacked and is running off to Cairo.

It looks something like this...
"If we continue to look at the window in Louise’s room as a window of opportunity, then everything outside of her window is Grandma asked me if I wanted a cookie before my lunch or after my lunch, and guess what I said?"

I still have no clue how I planned to finish that sentence.


Mama's going to need some caffeine tonight.

In other news, I've been posting for about 3 weeks on Craigslist, trying to find some free wood to use for building my garden beds. I got sticker shock from the price tags at the hardware store and calculating it would cost over $50 per raised bed! No responses. Except for one person selling seeds and plants, and an elder lady offering me free seeds if I would build a raised bed for HER.

So, today, down the street... renters are moving out. And what is piled up on the curb? Fencing material and boards. I've got 3 of the ready made fence sections, and a whole mess of 2x4's and one 2x6. I love when He works things out like that for us! Just as I was starting to lose hope and think I would not get my garden this year, He provided for me! Hopefully the weather will stay nice this weekend and I will get my garden started!


Sarah-Michelle said...

I'm so glad you're going to get your raised beds! (and jealous you have the room! LOL)

Just remember about the school work, it won't always be like this. You won't always be in school and some day you'll look back and be so happy to be done and you won't remember all the individual papers that are driving you nuts now. ((((Sadie))))

gloria said...

Great machine...check it out...

Hang in there...all the hard work will pay the way what are you and hubster majoring in?

I went to nursing school with one kid in kindergarden and the other in 3rd and step-kids at my house every other was easy and i dont think I slept for at least two years.......but the good news is I can retire in comfort.

Gi said...

Check this out I thought it might be a fun easter activity for the kids.....