Sunday, March 22, 2009


It got really windy here today. We went out for a while so that hubby could do two mystery shops, and got a call from my Dad that our back patio was half-way torn down by the wind. This is what it looked like when we got home:


Now, I'll admit, I had been wanting to take down the old patio for a while. The supports were bent and rusted, and it wasn't exactly a pleasant thing to look at... but I wasn't expecting to have to deal with it today. We easily knocked it the rest of the way down, and then I posted it on Craigslist.

We went off to have some ice cream at Baskin Robbins. Niko enjoyed his to the very last drop, as he licked the whole cup clean.

When we got home, I had an email from someone interested in coming and picking up the patio. He was here within 15 minutes with his saw-thingie, and chopped it up into more manageable pieces, loaded it in the back of his truck, and happily went on his merry way. Now I'll have to replace the fascia boards that got messed up, and start planning a replacement. I'm thinking maybe a nice wooden pergola!


Baroness of Blah said...

Wow! What a day. Thank goodness for Craigslist.

I need your mailing addy. How should I go about getting that from you?

Gi said...

Excellent...don't cha just love craigslist...!

Tom posted and old cassette player and someone bought it...! Your trash is always someone else treasure.

Hey I didn't realize it until now but my grandson looks a bit like must be the

I just had a banana smoothie..and believe me your ice cream looks so much better.

Lisa said...

Wow, someone came and took your broken patio thingie away? Cool beans!