Friday, March 13, 2009


I finished crocheting the preemie gown last night, and then wove in the ends and added the ribbon today. I think it came out very sweet and elegant looking. I am now officially out of baby yarn, so I will have to buy more before completing any more of these charity projects.


I have been trying out the free samples of soap nuts that I won back in December. I'm not sure if they are actually cleaning the clothes, but I can detect a bit of a smell from them is permeating the clothes. I'll write moer about them after I use them for a week or so. It kind of feels weird to be using such a natural soap product in the wash, and then throwing everything in the dryer with a chemical laden dryer sheet.

Nigel is home! That last enema worked and he pooped out some sort of rubbery squishy material that we are thinking came from one of the kids' toys, as well as the barium th evet had used for the contrast Xrays. I think it might have been one of those stretchy spiders, as I have caught him chewing the legs off of those. One day I thought one of the cats had some sort of horrid worm infestation when I went to clean the litter box and suddenly saw long bright pink tube-shaped things sticking out of the poop. He's breathing normally, eating again, and isn't acting like it hurts to jump on/off the furniture.

Hubby and I are very thankful that between the two of us, we have been scheduled for 14 mystery shops next week with GFK. That will help catch up from the blow that vet bill dealt us. Thank you for your prayers for our kitty. The vet said that he prayed before he went to bed last night that Nigel would pass whatever it was that was causing him so much pain and discomfort, since he didn't want to go have to go in and do surgery on him today. He has had several cats come in over the last month that have swallowed foreign objects and needed surgery... including one that had swallowed over 30 inches of ribbon. As you can tell by my crafting and projects posts, I have a lot of that kind of stuff laying around the house... ribbon, yarn, thread, etc. This is a big wake-up call that I need to try to stay harder on keeping the house picked up, lest little Mr. Eat-Everything-In-Sight gets a hankering to gnaw on some other forbidden item!

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Sarah-Michelle said...

I am so glad Nigel is on the mend! Does it count as a good deed for me if I mail you MY baby yarn that I can't figure out how to crochet with so you can make MY charity items with? You know just a thought :X