Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I had to take Nigel to the vet today. He's been having labored breathing since Saturday; you can watch his sides suck in and out. He just hasn't been himself all weekend long, not wanting to play, ignoring his food. The vet at first thought that maybe he ate something he shouldn't have, like a piece of ribbon, but so far the xrays haven't shown any blockages, persay... though he did say it took longer for the barium to exit than it should have. He doesn't have a fever, so it's not an infection. The vet kept him overnight, so hopefully I will find out more tomorrow.

After going to the vet, I had to take my mom to pay her phone bill. While we waited in line, Niko got to play a video game.
niko game

I completed another preemie hat. This brings me up to #5!
I made Bev's Summer Hat with the flower toppers from here!

I also worked on another project that I will share with you tomorrow... here's a teaser though: I saved about $70 by DIYing!


Kelly said...

Praying for Nigel, mama! That's so upsetting. :(

Baroness of Blah said...

Get well, kitty!

I can't wait to see your project.