Saturday, March 14, 2009


Happy 5th Birthday, Nicholas!!

Nicholas Wilmot K. was born 3/14/2004, at home in the water. Weighing 8lbz 0.25oz, and 20.25" long, he was our little linebacker. He has been a joy to watch grow, and will always and forever be our sweet baby boy.

This picture was taken 5 days before he was born, at 41 weeks 3 days (yes, he was a 42-weeker!):

Sweetly sleeping:

So adorable:

The birthday banner his sisters made to surprise him with this morning:

Listening to everyone sing Happy Birthday:

Big bubba Nathan "cheesing":

Enjoying their sundaes:


Sarah-Michelle said...

Aw I remember, I do! Happy Birthday Niko!!! (even though I'm in denial that you can be this old!)

Baroness of Blah said...

Happy day to you too, mama. Do you still have the necklace? I was recently looking at beads on Etsy and recalled the weird baby bead I made.

Gloria said...

Happy B-day Nicholas!

Sadie I must say the pictures bring back first baby was 9lb 10oz and my second was 8lb 15 oz...big babies!

Also I have to say you look so young...I swear you look 15 in that pic. If it isn't too personal tell me how old you are..!!