Monday, March 2, 2009


I took my van in for it's scheduled maintenance today. Sitting in the dealership was a bit aggravating this time. Their "free Wifi and Internet Access" was down, so I couldn't get online. Their movie theater was out of order, so there were no videos for Niko to watch. All of the video games in the children's play area were busted, and they didn't have any other toys available. We sat for an hour and forty-five minutes... he colored, complained, ate Cheetos, whined, flirted with the girl working in the cafe, went potty, ate candy, and groused about how bored he was. I crocheted.

When we got back in the van when they were done, my tire pressure warning light was on. I made them take it back in to adjust the pressure or turn off the sensor or do whatever they needed to do to get the light back off. Unfortunately, for some reason they didn't clip the hubcaps back on right, and when the hubby got home tonight he realized one of my hubcaps was missing! I have to take my van back in tomorrow for them to replace it.

After the whole deal with the dealership, Niko and I dropped by the college bookstore to pick up more of the necessary textbooks for this semester. Hubby and I ended up needing individual copies of the accounting textbook instead of being able to share one because each of the textbooks comes with a unique online access code that is required for our online class... and they don't sell the access codes seperately. I also picked up the novel that I have to have for my English class. The Stranger. I only need one more book for this semester now, the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. I'm hoping to find a used copy for cheaper than the $17.50 the college bookstore wants.

One of Sabrina's friends walked home with the girls today, and the kids all played together while her mom and I talked. The little ones are all looking forward to playdates and sleepovers. Since the mom has an almost 9 month old baby, I got to pass on the shopping cart cover that a special friend made for Niko when he was a wee one (you know who you are!). It had been hanging in the hallway for about the last two years since he outgrew the chewing and slobbering on the cart handles phase, so I am glad to see it go to a home where it will be well used and loved.

All in all, it was a good day... albeit slightly marred by another headache. I think I am due for another chiropractic adjustment. I am considering looking into the free chiropractic care offered through the college. My only reservation about it is that the adjustments are done by student chiropractors, although they are under supervision. WWYD?


Sarah-Michelle said...

I'd go with the student chiropractors, they have to learn too kwim? And if it's supervised, I'm sure you'll be fine. It stinks about your book though, I know that was part of the reason you wanted to take that class. As for the car dealership? I'd be pitching a fit tomorrow... ;)

Baroness of Blah said...

Thanks for the chicken information!

Baroness of Blah said...

I saw you mention a shopping cart cover but I've made so many of those crazy things...I honestly couldn't remember if it was me or not! I love knowing it went on to another family. :)