Friday, March 27, 2009


Oh, how I love the weekend! I am ready for a couple of days "off"... sure, there will still be cooking and cleaning to do, but it feels so much more laid back!

We're proud of our little Jack-Jack tonight. He defended our yard against a possum that was bigger than he is. He had the ugly creature cornered in the yard at 3 a.m. when my Dad came over to find out why all of the dogs (my neighbor's, our 2 dogs, and his 2 dogs) were all raising such a ruckus. Now my Dad finally has a little bit of respect and realizes that Jack-Jack isn't just all bark... he has the nerve to back it up too!

Don't worry... we gave Sandy some loving too!

Then the kids decided to go "pit hunting" and had a contest to see who could find the most nectarine stones hidden in the grass.

To my amazement, they counted every single pit they found before throwing them all away. They found 753!

And they ended the day with a Snoopy nap.

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