Thursday, March 12, 2009


Sierra got her stitches out today! She is healing very well from her tumor removal, and is back to being her darling playful self. While we were at the vet, I checked in on Nigel. He is breathing easier and appears to be more energetic, but still isn't eating much and hasn't had a bowel movement. The vet said that he wanted to do another enema, and it looks as though he is spending another night.

Since one of the only ways to get my mom up and out of bed for the day is to take her somewhere, I told her I would take her to the thrift store if she got up, ate breakfast, and took her pills. I was hoping to find more skirts for me, but came up empty. Of course, I did find two below-the-knee length adorable denim skirts for Cecilia and Abigail. They've been twirling around in them and talking about how girly they feel wearing them! $2.60 well spent.

I started this little preemie gown yesterday. I'm at 9.5" long and it is supposed to be 12" long, and then I need to do the little edging and trim around the chest and neck. I hope to finish it tomorrow.

Last night:

And tonight:

Once you get the hang of the skirt pattern, it is an easy project to pick up and take around with you to work on in those "little moments"... the waiting room at the vets, while giving the girls their spelling tests, or waiting for things to come out of the oven... Like the yummy cornbread I am about to go enjoy with my leftover pork and beans!

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