Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I'm posting my blog entry for the day a bit earlier than usual. I have to do my accounting homework after the kids are in bed, so I wanted to get this out of the way for now.

First, an embarrassing picture of Niko. He did not want to model this dress for me, but I wanted to be able to show it to a friend in hopes of getting rid of it finding a new home for it. I made it a long time ago when I was just learning to make pillowcase dresses, and before finding my favorite pattern for them. And the eyelet lace fabric that I used to make it is on the thin side, making it rather revealing... guess it will work for a swimsuit cover up or something!

In taking that picture, I found that Niko is officially too old to willingly don a dress to model it for me. I told him I would take the picture so it didn't show his face. So he let me... And then he got mad when he saw that I did show his face. And complained, "Now everyone on the computer will see me in a DRESS!" Sorry Niko, but you're too cute!!

We took my van in this morning and got the hubcap replaced. On our way home, we stopped by the nursery and picked up the first two vegetable plants for our garden. We bought cherry tomatoes and "burpless" cucumbers.
Nicholas asked me what each of the vegetable plants were as we walked down the aisles. When I got to the eggplants, he got very excited. I told him I didn't want to buy them, since I am the only person in the family that likes them. He proceeded to argue with me, stating that everyone in the house loves eggs! I got a good giggle out of that, as I explained to him that eggplants grow eggplants, not EGGS!

Cecilia has a very, very, very wiggly tooth. She will not let me pull it out. I am getting tired of seeing it dangling out of her mouth, all snaggly-toothed like this. I hope it falls out soon!


Sarah-Michelle said...

Oh ick on the tooth...ick! I love Niko's dress ;) Care to share what your favorite pillowcase dress pattern is? Inquiring minds want to know these things!

Gloria said...

Nicko tell mommy that she blew her chances of ever using you for a model again!

Mom do not pull the tooth, I repeat do not pull the tooth..
My mom traumatized me when I was her age by swearing she just wanted to look but pull the tooth out...when she pulled the tooth I was in front of Lerners Department Store we where shopping for my Easter outfit...she pulled it; I cried; close my mouth and swallowed the tooth; then I cried even harder...my mom asked why are you crying I said "Because you made me swallow my tooth and now the tooth fairy won't come" my mom replied Oh don't worry when we get home let me know if you have to do number 2 and I will look to see if I see the tooth.....well that really sent me over the edge and no we didn't look for the tooth and yes, I still got the famous .25 quarter from the tooth fairly.
Hey, speaking of tooth fairy have you ever forget......My poor son woke me up one morning "mom, mom," I said "what, what time is it" he said "the tooth fairy didn't come" I went blank and then said Oh she must have alot of teeth to collect this week so it could take a few days but she will come"....how do you forget ...I felt like the worse mom in the world. I gave him extra so trust me that made up for it!

chandra said...

Niko is too cute! Momo has a very wiggly tooth right now too.