Monday, March 23, 2009


Another manic Monday... rushing from here to there and back again. Cleaning up the house from all of the weekend destruction, grocery shopping, paying mom's bills, cooking, laundry.

Niko was amused when I told him that this bag of rice shares his name:

It's kind of funny, because to me, "Niko" was always Greek. We named Niko after my hubby's uncle Niko, and his cousin Nicholas - Big Nick and Little Nick. Our Niko is Baby Niko to everyone in the family and boy is his uncle tickled at having another little namesake running around. So I was surprised when I first came across a Japanese restaurant called Niko Niko and now I see it everywhere... lots of sushi restaurants, bags of rice, etc. I've tried googling it to see what the translation is and I seem to come up with 3 different answers: cat, smile, or daylight. I think I like the smile definition the best... Smile Smile!


Gi said...

Sadie your son just prove to me once again why my favorite time with my children was between 4 and 7 ..the littlest things amused them and made them SMILE!

Niko is popular with Italians I have a cousin Nico!

Gotta love Mondays! However; today is Tuesday and I still had a lot to do and my daughter is coming late this afternoon to do her laundry (with the boyfriend) and I get to feed everyone again. I keep trying to tell them that Dad and I really don't want to see them anymore except for Sunday family dinner day...but they keep coming back....!!!!!!!!

You'll see!

Sarah-Michelle said...

I love his little grin, he seems so pleased with himself! LOL

*Hippie* said...

My dad was born in Greece and speaks Greek - he says Niko means victory!

Sadie said...

Oh, I know the greek meaning (Victory of the people, opa!!), but I was trying to find the japanese one, LOL

*Hippie* said...

LOL Ohhh gotcha... I dont know anyone Japanese or I'd help ya with that one! lol