Saturday, March 28, 2009


Sabrina found my keys!! They had been missing for about a month now, and I had looked everywhere that I thought they could possibly be... the kitchen counters, the top of the fish tank, the coffee table, UNDER the coffee table, the desk, etc. I had been using DH's set of keys to my van and the house, but it was frustrating not knowing where mine were. She found them in a box of books that is sitting in the hallway until I get the bookcase repainted and in their room. I was correct in assuming that the children had something to do with the Case of the Missing Keys since I know that I certainly did not put them there!



DarcyLee said...

I was wondering if Sabrina could come to my house any time soon and find my missing keys? I lost mine about 2 months ago. I know they are in the house somewhere but I've looked everywhere. grrr! I'm really glad you found yours. Have a great week!

Gi said...

I have the same exact angel keychain. Glad you find those keys because keys are not cheap when you have to replace them.

I lost my keys and I almosted fainted at the cost.

Sadie said...

Oh yeah, trying to get replacements for car keys these days is ridiculous! If I had to replace the fobs for both my car and DH's, plus the Lojack thingie for my keys (if my car drives off without that little black tab it alerts them that my car has been stolen, it's a proximity alarm or something like that).... Ugh.

Lisa said...

YAY!! Glad they turned up!