Saturday, January 10, 2009


My body aches. Evidently my WiiFit workout yesterday was a bit more than my body expected after over a month off of it, but seeing the numbers continue to drop will be worth it in the end! I have done WiiFit every day for the last 5 days for at least 30 minutes.

I started Abbi's poncho today. I'm sorry for the bad lighting, but it's already dark outside, so all the colors are coming out wrong with or without the flash. I'm about halfway done with it already! I was able to work on it while watching TV last night, while sitting in the van today, and while at hubby's office while he did something with a router or some such computer equipment that has lots of stuff plugged into it and can only be unplugged when most of the staff is at home enjoying their weekend. At least the children behaved and played relatively quietly while we were there... they took a little duffle bag full of books, coloring books, markers, and small toys.

Tonight was the largest Full Moon of the year. It was also the "Wolf Moon" according to Native American lore. I wish I could have gotten a better picture of it, but it was definitely bright and big!


chandra said...

HAHA! I took a picture of the moon tonight too! I haven't gotten it off my camera yet though. The poncho looks really pretty.

Melissa said...

We haven't gotten a Wii fit yet, I want one though I have heard many good things about them! That poncho is very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Glad the poncho is coming along a lot faster than you thought it would. It looks awesome :)