Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Today, Abbi had her doctor appointment to check up on her finger. It looks good, and she is scheduled to get the stitches out next Monday. After her appointment, we stopped by a garden center that has a large pond full of koi and turtles, and she fed the fish and we walked around looking at all the pretty plants.

This afternoon, I crocheted an ear warmer for Sabrina. She wanted to wear her hair in a ponytail this morning, but then complained on the way to school that her ears were sooooooo cold. I had seen these before, both knit and crocheted, and some of them look so darling! I have seen slip on ones like headbands, and ones that button, and others that tie. Here is the ear warmer that I made for her... no pattern, just winged it. She loves it!


Amorette said...

I love those koi pics! Too cute! And the headband is very cool...I'm going to steal that idea :D

Dani said...

The fish are beautiful!

And the earwarmer! Each of my girls need one!

JDSstill said...

I LOVE the ear warmer!