Saturday, January 31, 2009


Yeah!! I posted on my blog every single day for a whole month!

Today, the hubby decided that he wanted to clean up his bike and go for a ride. He hasn't been on his bike a single time since completing his last century, back in August. While he was cleaning up his bike, I asked him to clean mine up too, and then asked if I could ride with him. We got my Dad over to watch the kids, and went for a 6 mile ride along the river trail. The hills were a bit rough on me, but it felt good to get out and be active!

We had planned on doing 10 miles, but had to cut it short when we got a phone call that Sabrina had snuck out of the house and couldn't be found. We were already half way back to the truck when we got another call that she had been found playing down the street at a friend's house. Let's just say, she got a very big talking to when we got home, and was made to clean up the girls' bedroom completely by herself. It was very unexpected for her to be the problem child - when I heard he couldn't find one of the girls, I immediately had assumed it to be Abigail!

Next weekend we'll get out and try another ride. I'd love to be able to go with hubby on his weekend rides when he does 30-40 miles, as I always miss him so much when he is gone for hours! It's good exercise too.

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chandra said...

That looks like a great riding spot!! I hope are able to ride with him again!!!