Thursday, January 29, 2009


Another quiet day... a trip to the post office, a stop in Walmart, and later a run to Joann's. Not much to write. Chiropractor appointment in the morning - hoping for headache relief.


Anonymous said...

Does he insist on wearing sunglasses everywhere? Amelia does...she's a riot. It was like 7pm the other night at walmart and she was wearing these heart shaped sunglasses. She's a diva...again though, you got a lot more done than me :D

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Walmart and JoAnn's???? Sounds like GREAT day!
I scrolled down just a bit to see the vintage fabric/rick-rack project. I'll bet it will be an adorable apron. Can't wait to see.

Gloria said...

Hi I read your blogs often and I notice that you get headaches. I am curious; have you been to an allergist and including eye; ear and throat specialist....could it be related to sinus + allergies....have you tried changing products in your home to scent free/fragance free?

The headaches could also be hormone related which can be triggered by stress. Raising a family; children and do the work of a relationship can be very stressful you know.

What are your symptoms and where is he headache located.

Are they migranes? Do you vomitt and or get diarrhea?

Is your home dry; do you use a humidefier and are you drinking at least 6 to 8 glasses of water a day....?????

Gloria in Boston

A Frugal Friend said...

Thanks for stopping by today! I needed your comment......I am not the only one. HaHa I love appliances and I hate them. But why do they always break??? Hopefully we'll get some relief one day. HaHa

Gloria said...

That is wonderful that you take your mom out. Your son well lets just say it must be hard to not spoil him....he is so darn cute..I love the daughter always loved sunglasses and at 22 still does. I remember one year getting her school pictures and she wore her sunglasses; yes, they let her and don't ask me why; I bought them just to save so I could show her later in life what a pain in the butt whe was.
yes, I would like to learn filet also and I will in the near future.

Have a wonderful weekend.