Monday, January 19, 2009


We went to the Zoo today, and so did half of the city evidently. It was very crowded. All of the little ones got to see their favorite animals at the zoo though, so we left when we got tired. No whining about how we didn't get to see everything!

Sabrina wanted to see the seals. Check.

Niko had to see the lions. Who slept through our visit. Check.

Abbi wanted to see the zebras. And the elephants. And "just one more!" Check.

Cecilia wanted to see the koalas. And was very mad that they didn't move. "They look so fake! Why aren't they doing anything?!" Check.

Nathan posed with the flamingos, and wants to send the picture to his Grandma. Check.

Monkeying around. (I know, I know, a gorilla is an ape.)

We didn't lose anyone. No one fell in a display. No scrapes, no cuts, no broken limbs. It was a successful day out.

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