Saturday, January 17, 2009


5 kids. 2 adults. 7 eye doctor appointments. It was a long day. Good news for everyone though! For me and the hubby, our RXs stayed the same, and we're both getting RX sunglasses. Nathan, Brina, and Ceci all have 20/15 vision. Abbi has 20/20, and Niko mostly does, but he's a little farsighted (not enough to need glasses, and evidently pretty normal at his age but they'll watch it).

Is that not the PERFECT shirt to wear to the optometrist?

Since the kids all got coupons for a free kid's meal at Red Robin, we went out to dinner. I also had a $3 off coupon from joining their email list yesterday, so the 7 of us all ate for under $30! Not bad for a meal out. After we ate, we walked the mall. The little ones all wanted to go on the motorized rides.

Sabrina jumped on this decal and said, "Look! I'm on American Idol!" Love it!

We also stopped by the shoe store when I spied an old friend of mine working there. Sabrina needed an empty shoe box for a diorama project, and I asked Monique if they had any empties we could use, and she found one for her. Monique and I went through all 13 years of school together, from Kindergarten all through high school. One of my favorite childhood memories is going to her and her twin sister's Halloween costume birthday party in the 3rd grade.
I told Nathan that I didn't have any pix of him from today, so he grabbed my phone and made this goofy face. Gotta love teenagers!


Anonymous said...

doing all the eye exams in one day? C-R-A-Z-Y....haha

chandra said...

I keep saying I need to do the eye exam thing...none of my kids have had eye exams...ever. Well, just the basic on they do at the dr. office. I need to go too since I can tell a difference in my eyesight the past couple years and haven't been since high school!! Hubby is going Tuesday to get ready to have cataracts removed.

Shannon Ruler of All said...

Fun times. Should I be taking my kids to eye appts?

Niffercoo said...

We need to do eye exams one of these days! I know Russ needs glasses but since I'm not his mama, I can't force him to go! ;)