Friday, January 16, 2009

Frugal Friday: Making your own detangler

My frugal tip for this Friday is on how to make your own detangler. It's incredibly simple, and a great way to save money if you have a lot of girls (or boys) in your house!
Ranging from $2-5 a bottle, detangler can really add up if you have to deal with a lot of curly, long, or unruly hair. I've now had two sons that had long curly ringlets down to their butts until they were 3 years old, and my 3 daughters have had everything from long waist-length hair to short curly bobs. Spraying detangler on is part of our morning routine. Even my four year old with his short spiky hair and my fourteen year old son have very thick hair. Using a little bit of detangler makes combing through it easier, and is great for parting their hair nicely if we are going to church or out to eat. I have to use oodles of spray on the girls after they bathe, and like to braid their hair before bedtime. I can easily go through 2-3 bottles a month!
The next time you run out of detangler, simply keep the bottle... squirt in about 2 tablespoons worth of your favorite conditioner, add water, and shake! That's all there is to it. I have found that this really does work just as well as storebought detangler, and since I get shampoo for under a dollar or free, it's a lot more cost effective!

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