Monday, January 12, 2009


1. Make Dh breakfast and lunch
2. Make kids breakfast
3. Make girls school lunches, do hair
4. walk girls to school
5. read blogs/craftster/email
6. go through and edit my blog to include labels
7. eat breakfast
8. empty dishwasher
9. fill dishwasher
10. do 30 min on WiiFit
11. deal with chicken broth from the crockpot (skim off the fat, strain, package) - made 7 "cans" worth!
12. start laundry load
13. put fresh hand towels in the bathroom
14. Fold and put away load of towels
15. start boiling one 10lb bag of chicken leg quarters
16. make lunch for me and niko
17. wash rest of dishes by hand
18. remove chicken pieces and strain chicken broth, set aside to cool - bag broth (7 more "cans" worth, plus 5 cups of broth to make tonight's rice!)
19. clean up mess in hallway
20. pick up girls from school
21. start work on Abbi's hat
22. take Abbi to the Dr to get stitches out
23. deal with all of that picking and packaging for the chicken (made 4 packages of 2 cups shredded chicken each, plus 2 cups for dinner tonight)
24. chop cilantro and onion for dinner
25. finished Abbi's hat

I am tired. I got almost everything on my "to-do" list for today done though!
Still left on the "to do" list are:

put away laundry on couch
pick up floor in my bedroom
pick up floor in kids bedroom
tackle the kitchen counter tops
wash sheets

I'll start back on those tomorrow. I think I have done enough for today! (well, I'll load the dishwasher before bed!)


Anonymous said...

I love the poncho and the hat!! You accomplished so much more today than I even dreamt about :X

chandra said...

Love the hat!!! I am tired just reading your list!

Melissa said...

That hat & poncho look so cute together! I like the picture of her with getting the stiches out:) I wouldn't want to look either.

elena jane said...

ugh @ the stitches removal, that hurts!!
gorgeous hat and poncho, love the stitching on that (at least) :)