Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I have found that the downside of breaking a four-year-old from the finger sucking habit is that his already chatty nature becomes even more chatty. I am not sure there was ever a time today when Niko was quiet for longer than 2 minutes. On the plus side, that foul-tasting No Bite nail polish is working quite well.

We hit the thrift store today. With the impending CPSIA stuff looming ahead, I figured that I had better stock up on jeans and such while I can. I came home with 4 pairs of size 6 girl's jeans, 1 adorable Gymboree sweater, a new crock for the dogs' dry food, and a box set of American Girl short stories for $21. Abbi spent the last of her Christmas money as well, scoring 2 long-sleeve shirts, a small leather purse, and a new-with-tags stuffed horse for $8. If this regulation stuff goes into effect as planned, I really don't know how I will swing buying all the clothes that these kids go through. I probably get at least 75% of their stuff in thrift stores.

Lego Boy!

Zucchini-Pineapple Muffins


chandra said...

Those muffins look yummy!! Niko is getting so big. I am glad the no bite stuff is working for you...it didn't work for my girl!

Leann said...

I am going to start stocking up on items from the thrift store too! I hope changes are made to this law FAST!
Gimme some muffins!

Anonymous said...

Eh, I'm officially disgusted. I didn't know anything about this CPSIA thing. And now I'm paranoid, how the hell will I provide anything for my kids? I mean ecconomy wise? This is sooo wrong. :(

Niko is so cute, I hope his legos are lead free. ROFL

Amorette said...

those muffins look incredibly yummy! I'm going to the thrift store tomorrow.

JDSstill said...

MMmm..do you think they would work as well if the stuff was pureed into it? I know mine wouldn't eat it if they could see chunks in there. :op