Friday, January 16, 2009

$1500 at Ikea - What would you buy?

I just got an email from Ikea about their Embrace Change '09 Sweepstakes. 3 winners selected at random will each win a $1500 gift card! Enter the Sweepstakes.

If you won $1500 to spend at Ikea, what would you get?
Now personally, I have a more traditional design asthetic, so a lot of their stuff is too modern or contemporary for my tastes. I think it would be cheating to answer this question by saying that I would spend it all in their cafe, but I do love their swedish meatballs! And the West Coast salad, and the open faced shrimp sandwich, and the vegetable soup, and... well, you get the idea.

Here are a few of the things that I liked when looking over their website today:

This simple table lamp base would look great with a variety of shades, and would provide more reading light in the living room. $9.99

This $299 recliner would be great for watching TV, or cozying up with a book in the living room.

We could use a new rug in the living room, and at $69.99 this one might be worth looking at in person.

Finally, I like this pretty sideboard that's $349. I think it would fit nicely behind the sofa, giving a place to sit more lighting and maybe some pretty decorative stuff... and think of all the stuff that you could hide inside! Toys, china, seasonal decorations, craft supplies... The possibilities are endless. It would also make a great buffet space during holiday dinners.

Is there anything at Ikea that you have on your wishlist?


amorette said...

I'd want most of the black HEMNES series and also that sideboard you listed. I'm kinda over IKEA at the moment, since half our furniture is IKEA and I worked there

shannon said...